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It is never alright to kill an innocent animals that is not a danger to society. We can't see that these people and animal abuses aren't a danger and something should be done to stop them!!! God bless and protect all animals from man and all those tatr desire to control, hurt and kill innocent animals world wide, in Jesus name I pray!!! Amen!!!

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The acting Environment Minister of Zimbabwe, Walter Mzembi, plans to export from the wild upwards of 62 baby African elephants to China, France, and the United Arab Emirates, claiming it is necessary to raise badly needed funds for wildlife management. Friends of Animals (FoA) and the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF) are outraged and have filed an emergency rule-making petition with the…

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Did you know that every winter, the state of New York is the site of a killing contests involving coyotes, bobcats and foxes? We're horrified that wildlife hunting competitions with cash prizes, which encourage the killing of innocent animals, are still allowed in the state of NY.  Help ban these contests by asking your legislators to support Senate bill #4074 and Assembly bill #03661 which…

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We're almost there!  The bill that would save NY's mute swans from the DEC's slaughtering plan PASSED in the Assembly and the Senate.  Now, it requires Governor Cuomo's signature to be made law. Please contact Governor Cuomo today and ask him to pass the bill that will save NY's mute swans from slaughter.  Contact him by sending him an email here  or by calling (518) 474-8390. Read State…

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