Karen Starr
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When are we going to stand up and fight for all of the Veterans who have and still do fight for us 24/7. I am so proud to be married to a retired combat disabled Veteran yet with that being said it makes me sick the way the United States craps on our Veterans all of us/them the pencil pushing people who basically sit on their butts want to take what little we get away or make it almost impossible for a Veteran to even get the benefits they should be entitled to without a fight, this being done in my mind hoping that instead of the Veteran fighting for what they should get they are in hopes that they will get so mad know that when they signed up they did so asking for nothing in return yet not realizing that with all that being done there were and are prices they paid some the ultimate price. Take hold Veterans stand firm adapt and overcome by fighting for your right to get your benefits and your pay let the chair warmers take a pay cut or just get rid of their jobs their jobs really are not needed God bless all of our service men and women and I mean ALL


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