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It's a tough call on behalf of the people that depend on thier job to cover thier living expenses which are subject to the policy-making power of government with its allies the corporations. The people need a poliitcal platform so that all can build a power just as equal to that of their adversaries. Idle No More comes to mind that shows what kind of relationship Native people in Canada have with their government. Non-aboriginal people need to stand along side the natives becasue they too are always fighting the government to prevent it from relinquishing their inherent treaty rights. Afterall, we are all treaty people. It is a win win situation if the treaties are properly adhered to simply because they have the legitimacy to render the natives an equal footing to that of their counterparts. If this is so then the Canadian people will also have more opportunites for employment and the benefits it can can bring them as well. It sounds simple but to get things done these days may seem like a long shot but by pressuring the Canadian universities would be a step closer in the realization of a better future for all people. When educators are on-board then the idea of a 'critical theory' enters the picture as we would stand united. Let me quote something here worth noting on the part of emotion. "Whenever you feel a certain emotion, a whole system is activated. This system includes the thoughts and images that enter your mind, the memories you access, the aspects of yourself or your surrounding world that you focus on, the bodily and mental sensations you expereince, physical changes such as appetite, your behavior, and the things you 'feel like' doing." This is a lot of information about what goes on in your emotional world when things happen in and around your environment. So when things happen you're affected in some way. The power structure that enables the government and its allies the corporations to get away with their self-catered
policy design rides on the metasphysical concept of Mind/Body dualism. The western powert structure was created by Anglo-Saxons and its politcal system is referred to the White Anglo-Saxon Politcal system at the exclusion of all others. The others becomes the subject while the object refers to the power of authority. There is hope. If any body out their is familair to Indigenous human wholism you might see what I am going to explain. The M/B concept refers to a position of imposition where the Mind - power structure - overrules the Body - subjects. However, in IHW, the mind represents the mental whereas the body represents the physical. Now, if one can see the emotion entering the picture by way of introducing the concept of empathey to that imposition then you would end up with a new paradigm one that is all inclusive. In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy terms, when one comes to know something there is a basic learning process that happens by the nature of being a human being. This stream of consciousness begins from your sensory apparatus which is an emotional kind of experincing which is absorbed within your physical being which then gets translated at your mental apparatus. On the whole, then you end up with a behavior that is in good standing as the benefactor. This scientific knowing of the basic human learning expereince can be seen in picture form beginning with emotion -RED - then the physical - BLACK - then you have the mental -WHITE - then as a whole you get spiritual - YELLOW. This my friend is called the Medicine Wheel. We all have one inside of of us, its our duty to make the wrong our right, to exist as our Creator see's us. HH

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