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December 3rd is the Global Day of Action Against Toxic Trade Agreements. Find one near you.

Today is the Global Day of Action against Toxic Trade Agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) called for by social movements and organizations from around the world to coincide with the first day of the World Trade Organization meetings in Bali, Indonesia.

Many of you heard the call and there are more than thirty actions across the US and in Mexico! See the list of actions below to find one near you.

If you can't make it to an action, then join us in telling the Office of the US Trade Representative to stop trading away people's lives for corporate profits. We will deliver petitions to the office in Washington, DC at noon.

  1. You can call the office here: 202 395-4510
  2. You can email Stan McCoy here: [email protected]
  3. And you can tweet @USTradeRep and #USTR. Use #TPP in your tweet.
Let's send a strong message today that it is time to end the era of rigged corporate trade that exploits people and the planet for profits! Let's demand that trade negotiations be respectful, inclusive, democratic and transparent.

Click here to find an action near you!

Thanks for all you do -- and can’t wait to continue our work together against the TPP!
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