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I grew up next to San Diego so Seaworld was in my backyard. We'd love to go see Shamu.
I was walking along our pier here in Pacifica Ca 5 yrs ago when all of a sudden, we hear this noise! It was the exhalation of a HUGE whale! Gigantic and awesome! It was a Gray whale! Apparently, every spring Humpbacks and Grays swim right past me! I was hooked! That's when my passion for cetaceans started.
My brother and I went whale watching out of Monterey one day hoping to see a Blue whale! I had absolutely no desire to see orcas because to me they were no big deal. They were just big fish in an aquarium. Already seen Shamu right?
WRONG! I hear the Captain say that we probably won't see Humpbacks because he sees Orcas in the distance. I was so disappointed cuz I really wanted to see 'huge' whales. Dang Orcas!
Well, all of a sudden we are in the middle of three pods of Orcas!
I couldn't believe how fast and powerful they were! And um, guess what? Yeah, they were huge!
They didn't look like the Shamu I grew up with! They were wild and free and absolutely mind blowing!
So powerful! I couldn't get over how fast they were!
Right then and there, I thought wow, how in the world can anyone think it's a great idea to put these in aquariums ?
That was it. I was hooked once again! They NEED the great big ocean for their home, not a tank! And so my quest to free all Orcas began right then and there!


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