Wendy Jorgensen
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I care about all children and work professionally with those who have certain types of disabilities. But the biggest disability of all is hatred, especially when it's power is unleashed to harm the innocent.

When I heard the news last year my heart almost stopped, and when I saw the photos I cried and prayed like millions of others. One of the little boys (Chase) resembles my grandson, and I still find it impossible that anyone could intentionally kill someone like him, the other children, or the loving adults taking care of them.

For some reason I am one of many who continues to feel galvanized by the unimaginable tragedy. I'm low income but well educated so I believe my voice is what I can give to this "cause" that might help make a change in our culture. We need to value human life over profits, and keep high-powered weapons away from those who would misuse them. Those 20 children, now angels, simply wanted to go home to their families that day. God bless, Amen Alleluia


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