Turning Point - Warrenton, MO

Shelter is the most effective means of preventing re-assault. Turning Point enables women and their kids to flee the violence by coming directly in to shelter. They do not need money, clothing, food, or bedding. We keep them safe, warm, fed and clothes while they figure out what to do next.

$4,500 will shelter 1 women and her 3 children for one month.

And $500 will provide food for the sheltered women and kids for two weeks.

Domestic Violence is about physical injury and assault.
Domestic Violence is about sexual violence, rape, and humiliation.
Domestic Violence is about psychological abuse, mental torture, and threats.
Domestic Violence is about the economic disempowerment and forced dependence on abusers.

Domestic Violence is about entitlement and power-over by one person over another.

Turning Point reduces the danger, chaos, and violence by providing shelter and protection so she can regain control of her life.

We need to raise enough funding ($4,500) to keep one woman and her three kids sheltered for a month.

And we need to raise another $500 to provide food for all of the women and kids who are in shelter during a two week period.

Please give.

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