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Marissa spends thanksgiving with her three children

For many across the nation, this past holiday weekend was dedicated to spending time with family. 

On Wednesday of last week Marissa Alexander was granted the same wish - she was released on bond and allowed to spend the holiday with her three children. 

The decision was made by Judge James H. Daniel, but with specific restrictions. Marissa will remain on house arrest and under electronic monitoring until her new trial in March. 

We are thrilled for Marissa's release this week, and thank you for your incredible outpouring of support. It's has been your voices and public demonstrations of support that have shaped public opinion and placed pressure on officials to make this first decision for Marissa's freedom. 

We have demonstrated our united power and will continue to mobilize for Marissa until she is permanently released - stay tuned! 

Thank you,
James Williams

Credit: Atlanta Black Star

Campaign won!

Last year, Marissa Alexander was at home when she feared for her life in an argument with her husband. Using a gun she was licensed to own, she fired one warning shot into the ceiling of her home that did not harm her attacker.  Because of this one gun shot, she was sentenced to 20 years of prison under Florida's 10-20-life law.  Marissa is a mother of a three year old and has spent the last…

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Angela Corey is trying create a reputation of being tough on criminals, so this spring she's abusing her power in an attempt to put Marissa Alexander behind bars. In Florida, the average sentence for a man who kills his female partner is 2-6 years.  Marissa Alexander, who never hurt anyone is facing 60 years in prison for using warning shot to protect herself and her children from an abusive…

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We send love to all mothers on Mother's Day, knowing that mothering in peace requires justice. Marissa Alexander is a proud mother of three, including teenage twins and a 3-year-old daughter.  She had given premature birth to her youngest child nine days before she was forced to defend her life after being attacked by her abusive estranged husband.  Despite causing no injuries when she fired a…

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