Update #7 ·

Thank you

From our Executive Director, Abbe Land:

This year The Trevor Project has many things to be thankful for. First and foremost, we are thankful for the people who have helped make our work possible. Our volunteers, donors, partners, advocates, and youth have supported us throughout our growth and as a result, we have achieved so much.

With your help, we made TrevorText possible. We launched a new website and built a stronger TrevorSpace that better met the needs of youth today. TrevorChat is now able to operate 7 days a week, and reaches more youth than ever before. With your help, we also created a new PSA campaign, Ask for Help, to spread the importance of improving help-seeking behaviors. Our Education team launched a DVD version of the Trevor Lifeguard Workshop, and revamped our Trevor Resource Kit to better serve educators nationwide.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the impact our volunteers have had on supporting our goals this year. In fact, our volunteers have been so incredible, enthusiastic, and motivated that we have filled every training spot through 2013. We are excited to start accepting new applications in 2014 and look forward to welcoming new people to the Trevor family.

As you know, The Trevor Project is driven by an ongoing need from LGBTQ youth in crisis, and our growth is a vital part of offering the best support possible. Thank you for your continued giving and your longstanding commitment to our mission. Renewing your support of The Trevor Project allows our work to grow, and your passion, time, and generosity keep us moving forward.

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