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The people do not agree with the laws on infanticide.. Natasha sultan murdered her 5 week old baby by smashing her so hard she fractured her skull and left her to die alone and in pain in her cot while Natasha went to sleep knowing exactly what she had done. She did not seek help for her baby instead she left her there for the dad to find when he returned from work. She lied 3 times in court and to her family and friends for a year. She only admitted to killing her baby year later but claims she has PND (postnatal depression) ( although it is not fact she has it) . The courts have a allowed this as an excuse for her murder?!?!?!!
People who abuse dogs get more time and punishment then Natasha did for the murder of a baby. This is not justice for Amelia-Lilly who has no voice anymore to speak out for what is right
We appeal that the law be changed on infanticide and we seek justice for Amelia-Lilly.. Natasha sultan should be in jail

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