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PLEASE Help Share this Cause for Fluffy before she is PTS Fluffy was one of a BONDED PAIR - her partner was adopted, leaving her alone, sad, frightened. White bunnies are not popular and kept long in shelters..... ESPECIALLY AT OC.

Fluffy, may also be pregnant which means her babies will die with her.
FLUFFY: Pet ID: A1288290 Sex: F Age: 1 Year Color: WHITE - BLACK Breed: RABBIT

Please contact the Adoption Partner Coordinator at the Shelter: 714-796-6425 OR call Kimberly Butler to Foster her until a permanent home can be found: 310-770-0840


Coconut is slightly cage aggressive, she will lunge at you then back off and growl because she is frightened and is protecting her territory. She doesn't bite and is sweet and calm when you do pick her up.

The chances of an aggressive bunny getting adopted are slim the chances of them being PTS quickly is high.

This bunny should go to a rescue or a person used to working with stressed bunnies. Please share her and lets see if we can't an experienced bunny person to get her out.

Please contact Terry: [email protected] Linda Baley: 714-264-4241 OR the Riverside shelter at (951) 358-7387

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