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New photo gallery now online!

Hello everyone and thank you for signing the petition.

We have created a new website for No Dredging @ James Price Point. As you know, Colin Barnett and the West Australian Government still insist on industrialising the Kimberley and developing a port facility, supply base and LNG processing facility at James Price Point. Colin Barnett's illegal, invalid and immoral compulsory land acquisition is complete. He intends to allow development of the port facility, supply base and LNG processing facility without re-submitting new environmental assessments. He also believes decisions made by a corrupted EPA board which were overseers of the failed Woodside gas hub proposal will still stand and help fast track new proponents to develop James Price Point. Environmental assessments prepared for Colin Barnett and Woodside Energy Ltd were rubbish. The technical data used to create them was scant in detail, logistically incomplete, incorrect and unsatisfactory with only one purpose, to mislead the general public so that Colin Barnett and Woodside Energy Ltd could achieve their own outcomes. Colin Barnett often stated James Price Point was selected to manage and mitigate hazards these types of development propose to the environment, stating there was little to no life at this location and it was an unremarkable coastline. Woodside Energy Ltd spent millions on environmental assessments saying most life there was either non-existent, vagrant or migratory. They also stated that most humpback whales and other megafauna were found well off the coast line, around 8 - 10 kilometres from shore, which we now know is pure fabrication. Independant surveys concluded many migratory whales swam well within 2 kilometres of the coast, using these sheltered waters as nursery and calving grounds. Massive dredging will be on the cards again for the development of this port facility. Previously, the development included  a 52 kilometer death zone, with EPA stating this would have little effect on water quality and marine life because there was supposedly very little to no marine life in this area.

Our new website shows an abundance of marine life, wildlife, bilbies, as well as coastal landscapes of the exact area Colin Barnett wants to destroy. Everything you see in the photos will be destroyed, changing the natural values and processes that have created the Kimberley and its continued evolution. Dredging, land clearing and industrialisation will have dire consequenses for the Kimberley and its unique and rare biodiversity. Go to www.nodredgingatjamespricepoint.com its a photo gallery of Life at James Price Point. All photos are from our personal collection taken over 3 years. Please share our petition and gallery as much as possible, we really need more signatures and awareness as quickly as possible. Thank you!


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