Update #8 ·

Olympic Orcas have landed in Sochi, Russia-host city of 2014 Winter Olympics!

2 newly-caught wild young Orcas have arrived in Sochi in preparation for the Winter Olympics in February 2014. 

These apex predators are now destined to live out their shortened lives in nothing more than a bathtub, for the sole purpose of cashing in on the influx of visitors that the Olympics will bring to Sochi. 

Please sign our new petition to let the International Olympic Committee know that this is not acceptable and that they MUST enforce their OWN Environmental Mandate. https://www.causes.com/v2actions/1764056-a-petition-to-thomas-bach-international-olympic-committee-sochi-olympic-organising-committee 

For more information about the Olympics' role in ensuring that the games will be conducted, "with the preservation of the natural environment in mind..' please read this brilliant article in Digital Journal

To see why these killer whales must not be held in captivity, please watch Blackfish

Thank you for your continued support.


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