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Economic Sabotage with a view to relieving animals suffering has nothing to do with terrorism, we know what terrorism is and what is not, and we will create a photo album to honour this and make the point shall we not?

Economic Sabotage is a form of non-violent resistance against animal/earth exploitation, hence it is consistent with 'ahimsa' which is practised within a variety of faiths/religions & cultures etc. So whats up?

Therefore, it is important to emphasis that since a countless number of lives are saved through thus resistance, and since it helps to deter animal abuse and production, and since consuming animal produce is hazardous to human health, and since such such actions raise awareness of all of these factors and many more, it is the view of the majority that Economic Sabotage with a view to relieving animal suffering IS conducive to the public good for reasons of public order/health/awareness/morality and so forth.

Please tell the U.K. Home Office: [email protected] that it is ludicrous to maintain the ban on the Dr. Steven Best just because he views economic sabotage as reasonable form of expression given the extent of actual violence and suffering in the world caused directly and indirectly as a result of 'our' subjugation of 'our' Animal Brethren and where failure to express and engage in effective resistance is likely to have irreversible consequences for the whole of 'mankind'.

And it is further ludicrous still as economic sabotage only represents a fraction of Dr. Bests opinions about human animal relationship and he has never discussed the phenomenon to a public audience in a way that could be considered inciting acts of terrorism or in a way that could threaten public order. Time and time again we see public disorder arise from internal decision within governments that have had all sorts of disastrous affects, from causing outbreaks of BSE, Foot & Mouth Disease, Salmonella, Escherichia coli (E Coli), to causing public panic, fear or major disruption i.e. following the killings of Mark Duggan, Smiley Culture, John Charles De Menzes etc.

Moreover the governments support of WAR, the IRAQ war, (the war on Women & Children) on Afghanistan and similar invasions, it's support for NUCLEAR warfare & development is not dissimilar to the far right politics of the Nazi Party, and it is complete hypocrisy and abuse of the public trust to ban Dr. Best in the name of violence, when everyday they are consuming and digesting violence in their guts, hence it is they themselves who reap violence, and Dr. B and animal/earth liberationists whom are the REAL opponents of Violence. Please support Dr. Best Vs. UK Terrorists (Home Office/British Gov) & Oppose Speciesim from the Top Down as well as from the Bottom Up - sign/like/share:




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