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"The first time I came across NIAC was in 2010. A fellow Iranian-American was interning there and the more I learned about it from her, the more I found myself supportive of their grassroots movement that provides a much needed voice to the Iranian Diaspora on the Hill. Sure enough, I became a member of NIAC and have been an avid supporter ever since. Their actions on Iran’s nuclear program and sanctions have been favorable and very informative for Iranians and Americans alike. What I love most about NIAC is the hard work and dedication of the dynamic trio--Trita Parsi, Reza Marashi, and Jamal Abdi--put into various policies regarding Iran and its Diaspora (Think Apple’s discrimination against Iranian-Americans). I seriously can’t thank NIAC enough for what they do, I’ve got their back!"--Holly Dagres is an Iranian American middle east analyst in Cairo

Read below statement & join Holly in thanking NIAC!

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After decades of strife between the West and Iran, a deal has been brokered that quashes the prospect of war and paves the path for diplomacy with Iran. It is important to note that the strategy behind this historic deal closely reflects the approach advocated by the National Iranian American Council.

For over a decade, we have witnessed NIAC’s commitment to reinforcing a diplomatic approach to political disputes with Iran and its crucial role in shaping policies that affect Iranians both inside and outside of Iran. NIAC has arduously fought against the prospect of war and effectively campaigned against broad economic sanctions that have had a devastating effect on the Iranian people.

When news of the deal broke out last Sunday, thousands of Iranians took to the streets, celebrating and congratulating one another on the victorious deal. This is a clear indication that NIAC has indeed been on the right side of history, but for fighting this good fight, NIAC has continuously gone under attack by a minority of diaspora Iranians who claim broad sanctions and war are what the Iranian people need and want. Despite clear evidence of overwhelming support for diplomacy in Iran, these “Iranians” continue to push the hawkish agenda of sanctions and war.

As Iranian Americans, we have a vested interest in seeing friendly relations between our two countries and there is no organization that has better conveyed our interests and views than the National Iranian American Council. On this thanksgiving, we would like to take this opportunity to thank NIAC for its decade-long service toward stowing peace and diplomacy and effectively representing the interests of the Iranian community. Keep up the good work. We need you!

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