I have struggled with disability my entire life. I want to work, but voc rehab is no help.

When I was younger I went to Voc Rehab for help, and all the did was sit me in a very dark room with a bunch of other people, putting cosmetic sponges in a bag for less than half of the minimum wage. Because I was quote unquote working my SSI was cut and I ended up homeless. I lost medical care and all of my benefits. For three dollars an hour.

Disabled people have higher costs due to medical care and equipment. They can't live on what these programs that are supposed to help them pay them, especially when their benefits get cut.

If you hire a disabled person you should have to pay them the same wages as an able bodied worker and provide the same benefits. Companies get tax incentives to hire disabled workers, so it should be no problem. We deserve the right to the same pay as anyone else.

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