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<p><a href="http://forcechange.com/57925/ask-christina-aguilera-to-stop-testing-on-animals-for-her-fragrance-line/">http://forcechange.com/57925/ask-christina-aguilera-to-stop-testing-on-animals-for-her-fragrance-line/</a><br></p><p><img src="http://forcechange.com/wordpress/wp-content/themes/yamidoo/scripts/timthumb.php?src=http://forcechange.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/christina-aguilera1.jpg&amp;w=310&amp;h=225&amp;zc=1"; alt="Ask Christina Aguilera to Stop Testing on Animals for her Fragrance Line"><br><br>SHARE THIS:<br><br><a href="mailto:?subject=Take%20Action&amp;body=Please%20help%20me%20take%20action:%20http://forcechange.com/57925/ask-christina-aguilera-to-stop-testing-on-animals-for-her-fragrance-line/"><img></a><br><a href="">RECENT PETITIONS</a><a href="">COMMENTS</a><a href="http://forcechange.com/58102/encourage-federal-government-to-allow-same-sex-couples-full-military-benefits/"><img><br>&nbsp;[a href="http://forcechange.com/57925/ask-christina-aguilera-to-stop-testing-on-animals-for-her-fragrance-line/"&gt;Ask Christina Aguilera to Stop Testing on Animals for her Fragrance Line</a>BY&nbsp;<a href="http://forcechange.com/author/sarah-wilhoit/">SARAH WILHOIT</a>&nbsp;<br><p><b>Target:</b>&nbsp;Christina Aguilera and her partners at Proctor &amp; Gamble</p><p><b>Goal:</b>&nbsp;Demand that Christina Aguilera stops testing her fragrances on animals.</p><p>People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) recently released a list that reveals which companies test their products on animals. Christina Aguilera's fragrance line made the list. Her perfumes, manufactured by Proctor &amp; Gamble, are tested on animal subjects, meaning that innocent animals are being tortured and killed for the sake of beauty products. Safe alternatives exist for animal testing, such as human volunteers, using pre-existing knowledge about safety reactions, and testing on stem cells. Testing on animals is an outdated practice that is no longer needed for cosmetics.</p><p>Animal test subjects undergo painful procedures such as being repeatedly injected with substances to determine how fatal they are. For fragrance animal testing, animals are usually shaved and smeared with various chemical concoctions to see what sorts of skin reactions occur. Many experience painful rashes and scabs and are often killed in the process. The United States no longer requires animal testing for cosmetic and beauty products, which indicates that companies who continue to conduct tests on animals are doing so by choice, likely to save money.</p><p>Christina Aguilera is a pop icon and her product lines are extremely popular. Consumers deserve to know the truth about these products. Please ask Christina Aguilera to stop testing on animals for her fragrance line.</p><br></p>

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