Samantha Lee
Samantha Lee campaign leader

Samantha and her family love animals and will protect and help any animal they can. Samantha ran a no kill cat shelter and was focused on doing bigger better things for her community, families that have cats and need help and stray cats. Samantha was in the beginning stages of building a nice facility to house all the adoption cats and her families pets to get her house back. The family enjoyed having all the cats around them all the time but was also excited about growing their no kill shelter and doing more in the future, this is when they were wrongfully raided, humiliated and destroyed.

Some people just walk away, however Samantha is not one of those people, she is fighting back, not just for her pets but for yours. She wants to lobby for new laws to stop unjust raids and seizures.

Please join this family in their fight for justice and protection of all pets in America.

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