Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones campaign leader

<p><p><img src="//"></p></p><p>Protect Appalachia's Water&nbsp;from Mountaintop Removal Mining!</p><p>For many people living near mountaintop removal coal mining sites in Appalachia, the water they are forced to use for bathing, cooking, and even drinking is cloudy, brown, and toxic.</p><p>Years of mountaintop removal coal mining have buried 2,000 miles of local streams with waste from Big Coal's destruction&nbsp;-- many of the streams that are left are devoid of life. Well water in the area isn't safe either, and it's making people sick.</p><p><strong>Tell President Obama and the EPA that everyone deserves clean water. Urge them to act now to protect Appalachia from mountaintop removal mining!</strong></p><br><p></p>

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