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Please join my cause a petition set up to appeal to the Shadow Health Secretary to consider scrapping Atos, please note that I omit the words “Health Care” as this company has no understanding of HEALTH OR CARE. The latest media and online reports and complaints about Atos highlight the lack of empathy this company and government have towards people. Ian Duncan Smith will not entertain a discussion to even consider handing back medical assessments to GP’s and is happy to blame Labour for introducing Atos. Labour were wrong to introduce this company but it was not to persecute the genuinely vulnerable it was to sift out the fraudsters, for example check the genuine claims of physical disability not tell cancer patients or those suffering from chronicle conditions such as kidney failure that there was nothing wrong with them. Atos are not qualified medics but now with the help of this government they are becoming a law of their own, hence since Ian Duncan Smith is not interested it’s time to make the party that introduced them listen to us. I am setting up this campaign and petition to appeal to the Shadow Health Secretary to promise to scrap Atos if they return to power and seek further advice from Labour on how the people can fight this monster they have created. However, we need more help to do this and you can do this by signing online petition on Causes and help us with this fight, remember ANYONE CAN HAVE A DISABILITY you don’t have to be born with it and BEHIND every disability is an INDIVIDUAL and that could be you, a member of your family or friend. It’s time to fight to give our GP’s and hospital registrars the jobs they have trained hard to do and that is make medical diagnosis and assessments.
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