Michael Tarr
Michael Tarr campaign leader

<P>I did this in memory of my cousin Justin who had suffered from Aspergers, and being bullied his whole life due to it. It had led him to take his own life at 20 years old, on January 9th 2013. It had really bothered me that people would even bully people with disabilities. People who have disabilites can not help the fact that they have the problems that they do. No matter if you are someone with disabilites, know someone with disabilities, or even if you`ve been someone who had bullied someone with disabilites and want to change your life around and want to make a huge impact on the issue. I am asking all of you to help me take a stand, and prevent these poor people from being bullied even further. THE WORLD CAN CHANGE WHEN PEOPLE TAKE THE STAND!!!!!!!</P>

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