Save Romania Street Dogs
Save Romania Street Dogs campaign leader

<p><a href=""></a></p><p>This dog was rescued from the industrial site of Galati.Found on the premises of the steel plant where hundreds of dogs exist or migrate from the town, where the strays overpopulation continues to grow, this dog was forced to gave up his freedom the moment when people incarcerated him. Yes, we do have a modern shelter and yes, dogs have quality food and good living conditions, yes the medical care is provided and also the place is guarded 24h/day. <br></p><p>But the loss of this dog remains: his freedom was something he was born with, and lived with, every day of his wild life. Some would have called him a semi-wild dog if they would have noticed him out there, playing with his pack, fighting to survive with others, avoiding humans traps, scratching his dirty fur by a tree, hiding whatever he hunted in bushes...lying in some dirty residual waters to get cooler in hot summer days,or hiding in the holes he was dig in the ground to keep him warm in cold nights, during our Siberian winters.</p><p> I see these sad eyes each time a dog loose his freedom. And I hear this cry each time a dog is unhappy to be locked down in a kennel, or when a dog "speaks up" for needing people attention, our company, a nice word or a hug. <br></p><p>If I would be asked what are the worst moments in our rescue work, I would choose those moments because these are the measure of our incapability to make all these dogs happy, the way they would deserve to be, each protected into a family home.</p><p>Thinking this way when most of the others Romanian charities fight to get money for the dogs food , when we are fortunate not to be forced to complain about that, might look like "minor details" ...but for me, it's not because I have to hear these desperate cries coming out from each dog soul imprisoned. Ignoring these cries is inhumane. Maybe the next level for the animal rescue would be when all the charities will start hearing and understand the dogs needs, above the minimal needs for surviving. Maybe than, we will see more dogs happy, wagging the tails, smiling. And only then, we would be entitled to have a stronger opinion to be heard in our community and respected. Only then labeling our work as "<i>rescue missions</i>" would have a more accurate meaning, more close to the truth!</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p><br></p>;

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