<p>THIS IS IN REGARDS TO THE RSPCA IN THE HUNTER REGION OF NSW AUSTRALIA! ...their KILL RATES are pathetic!</p><p>The RSPCA Report to Cessnock Council has arrived. </p><p>It is downright pathetic. </p><p>In the last year the RSPCA has reported the following:152 dogs were PTS out of 490. </p><p>This equates to a 31.8% kill ratio.</p><p>239 cats were PTS out of 311. </p><p>This equates to a 78% kill ratio.</p><p>Overall this means 391 companion animals were killed out of 801. </p><p>That makes for 49% kill ratio. </p><p>A mere five dogs were released to rescue groups.</p><p>THESE FIGURES ARE THE WORST THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE REGION AND PROOF THAT THE RSPCA IS LONG OVERDUE FOR A PARLIAMENTARY INQUIRY!</p><p>Please share across Facebook. </p><p>It's EASY to help the animals&gt;&gt; </p><p>If you want to vent your outrage, please help us and write a letter to the Newcastle Herald at the link provided..</p><p><a href="http://www.theherald.com.au/opinion/letters/send-a-letter-to-the-editor/">http://www.theherald.com.au/opinion/letters/send-a-letter-to-the-editor/</a><br></p>;

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