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Carole Altendorf campaign leader

On 10/1/12, the terrible massacre of wolves began in Wyoming. Any hunter can anytime, with no license, no hunting season, for no reason, kill a wolf. Let's fight back by sending e-mails to The Wyoming Governor and Director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, followed up with phone calls. We have to reach these politicos to stop this unwarranted and cruel execution of the majestic wolf...symbol of the American Wolf.

To make it easy for you, you can cut and paste either of the 2 letters below:

I am writing to oppose the Wyoming wolf hunt. The extermination of any species is both ethically and pragmatically misguided. Apex predators are absolutely vital to healthy ecosystems, which in turn can be a significant source of revenue for a state, from tourism and recreational activities. Please take a moment to look at the CBS news story (link below) on the regeneration of the Yellowstone ecosystem once wolves were reintroduced in 1996.
Moreover, a supporter attended (online) the Fuller Symposium in Washington DC organized by WWF and National Geographic. One of the speakers was Dr. Kenneth Butt (Professor of Political Military Strategy, U.S. Army War College, Director of the National Security Issues Group, Center for Strategic Leadership) whose talk focused on the role of natural resources in national security. Although he was dealing specifically with poaching in Africa (the theme of the symposium) many of the points he made could well be applied to the conservation of healthy ecosystems within the US and their vital importance for economic, social and political stabiltiy. I invite you to visit the WWF website to listen to his talk, which will be uploaded in the next few days.

I am against the Wyoming wolf hunt. This massacre of a species is morally and ethically wrong. It appears that this administration and those entities that are established for protecting the wildlife of this country are intent on doing the exact opposite. This cull should not take place and the wolves should not be the scapegoat for what is wrong with our government and the "politics" that dictate your actions. Please stop this massacre today.

E- Mail address for Scott Talbott: [email protected]
E-Mail address for Governor Matt Mead: [email protected]


Telephone the Governor of Wyoming Matt Mead at 377-777-7434.
The Director has disconnected his phone.

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