GOOD WOLF campaign leader

<p><p><img src=",f_auto,fl_progressive,q_70,w_640/v1/wH/Xl/2A/Lp/1e/z7/5l/y3.jpg"></p>This lesser sub-man takes time to pose for his "victory photo", while the trapped wolf agonizes in pain and in fear --- she knows she is in the presence of pure evil --- one who has made her suffer hell on Earth, and one who will show no mercy or humanity when he brutally takes her life.</p><p>STOP THE UNJUSTIFIED KILLING &amp; HUNTING OF&nbsp;MONTANA'S WOLVES!!!&nbsp;MANY SIGNATURES NEEDED ON THIS PETITION MY FRIENDS!&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>CLICK ON THIS LINK (below), SIGN IT AND SHARE IT !! &nbsp;<a href=""></a>SIGNATURES: 17,960 SIGNATURES NEEDED: 82,040 TARGET: Governor of Montana. Director of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. Deputy Director of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. FWP Regional Supervisor. FWP Wildlife Program Manager.Wolf Management Specialist .AS OF SEPTEMBER 1, 2013, OUR WOLVES ARE AGAIN BEING HUNTED AND KILLED FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS!!&nbsp;PLEASE READ THE PETITION TO LEARN HOW YOU CAN HELP THEM AND END THIS UNSCIENTIFIC AND SENSELESS POLICY!THESE ARE YOUR WOLVES!&nbsp;&nbsp;THE WORLD´S WOLVES!&nbsp;DON´T LET THEM DIE FOR THE AGENDA OF ONLY A FEW MISGUIDED AND BIGOTED PEOPLE!!!&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p><br></p>

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