My story begins back through my childhood and witnessed domestic violence and child abuse. It was physically and emotionally exhausting. I have had my share of physical,mental and emotional abuse. My step father physically hit me because of a drug problem. I went through it with a boyfriend that I had when I lost my husband in a motorcycle accident 4years ago,rest his soul. I got with this guy after he passed and he was very abusive and controlling and accused me of stuff that I didn't do. Now I have gotten away from it all and I have a friend that had been through the physical abuse and the man that she was with had also sexually abused her son. She and her son are now away from him as well because I was there to help her. I had nobody to help me but through the grace of god I got through and that is why this campaign is important to me. The violence/abuse must stop now. I want to help others that feel that they have no way out and give them hope of a new life.


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