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...because the only thing sold alive should be the human....perhaps caged for eggs, or the "fin" cut off for soup( yeah men, that would be your rudder), perhaps we could make a chart to hang by the butchers block showing the steaks and roasts your flanks and bottom would be, or lets just keep it simple and put you in the basement lab for testing everything.
Commodity...Consumption...Capitalism is Fraud....hold your thumping bible closer to the Lamp and read the story before you take the Big Pharm drug, and Reason ( thats like Thinking) with your Contradictions so your brain can wash sh*t out. If m$ney is the root of Evil, why are we inclined to sell our souls and the souls of others to make more black-rot -root ? ...oh dont answer, you just cant....the Truth is Lighter than your balls, than your courts, than your mock up heart. For if you actually were to See past your face, perhaps youd notice below your feet, the trampled Rule sheet.
Golden, Glowing, easy to digest, just do to other LIVING THINGS what you your Self would deem to be equitable, this means : if you would not cage, torture, sell and eat your children them PLEASE dont visit the horror show on ANY OTHER BE-ING.......(i see lightbulbs flashing !! did it suddenly make sense ? Oh Yeah, I wasnt given the Right to destroy Your Right to exist....i think i will walk upon the Earth with wonder, Love and grace instead of greed, and disconnection and self centered blueprints even as the Ruling Class demonstrates this as the norm, i will use my brain, and Heart and Soul as compass as i go) .... Got Thought ?

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