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It's not only true about the enzyme richness of raw food. It's also true about the purity of organic, depending upon the grade of the soil. During the 70's, price increases on food commodities were partly on the basis that the expensive chemicals used, "now made the food safe to eat!" Utter garbage. Whereas a small amount of basic research will reveal that some E numbers are natural, the sad fact is for the majority of cases they are used to prevent something completely natural from occurring to the types of mixes of food commodity as they are produced. If we pickle an egg in formaldehyde, it won't go off that quickly etc. mentality! The raw vegans I know & love, all have their feet firmly on the ground. There is very little sound basis for higher food costs of organic production, given the more inexpensive holistic types of pest control which exist today. If you want to live a longer healthier life, eat organic, eat as much raw as possible. The human body is simply a vehicle. Fill it with the wrong fuel and over time see what happens! The more junk we shove into our bodies, the more ill we get! Compare the toxins in half a bottle of vodka and the reaction when it's all vomited up with the probable cumulative effect of such massive varieties & cocktails of toxins that we put into our bodies on a daily basis and as we will see, it's a recipe for all kinds of dis-ease! People need to come together, get growing and get eating something the shops don't provide, rich, nutritious free and quality food. There's very little reason why this is not done as standard. It would have a real impact on all food retail habits and cause the global sellers & supermarkets to re-evaluate their sales strategies. Hell, it might even make them a little more ethical!

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