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Many parrot populations in Africa are at risk of disappearing forever.

The wildlife trade, habitat loss and other threats endanger many of Africa's parrots: Grey parrot numbers have plummeted. Timneh parrots have disappeared from much of their range. Cape parrots are battling against the loss of habitat and disease, and many more parrots in Africa face similar dangers.

But, there is good news, and reason to hope...

WPT has been working in Africa for many years but recognizes the need for more to be done. Our experience has led to the development of WPT's Africa Conservation Programme (WPT-ACP), an innovative effort focusing on:

- Working with in-country partners to conserve parrots and habitats
- Researching parrot populations to make better decisions on how to protect them
- Investigating threats that put them at risk
- Collaborating with law enforcement to protect parrots from the wildlife trade
- Aiding efforts to improve wildlife law enforcement and management of
confiscated birds
- Reaching local communities to raise awareness of why parrots must remain wild

Our current work is focused on researching Timneh parrots in the Bijagós archipelago of Guinea-Bissau, initiating community education to protect Grey parrots in Uganda, and expanding a population monitoring project for Cape parrots in Limpopo, South Africa.

With your help we can do much more...

Because of the urgent need for these efforts to continue, WPT-ACP is now dedicated to a multi-year commitment on behalf of these birds to help at-risk parrots throughout Africa.

Will you join our team and help Save Africa's Parrots today?
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Best regards,

Dr. Rowan Martin
Project Manager,
WPT - Africa Conservation Programme


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