We pay $7.50 for a half gallon of milk to our dear milkman which is raw, free range, grass fed, calf kept and not slaughtered. He's Hindu much like those of our community circle and yet, these cow worshipping Hindu followers won't pay the extra $6 per gallon ($24 per month) to support the very ideal to which their religion calls upon. Even with such an alignment of moral mandates as their own health, conscience and religious demands: still there remains a defining pause of action and reserve to give the 'extra.' Therein lies the basis to this alternative world of abuse of our land, food, animals, morals and well being. Corporate agri biz is an extension of our own priorities. What is yours? You say it with how you will spend it - money. That is your vote and the voice they hear you by. What say U? Rg

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