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"It is good to give thanks to the Lord, and to sing praises toYour name, O Most High..." Psalm 92:1-2

A special gift of THANKSGIVING ... for YOU!

Use the form below to make your Thanksgiving offering and to send us the blessings you wish to thank God for. I will include them with all the others I receive and remember all of them during our special Thanksgiving Day Mass.

- Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director

I have also written this special prayer for our Priests for Life family to pray on Thanksgiving and the days before and after.

A Pro-life Prayer for Thanksgiving Day

Father of mercies,
God of all creation,
Source of life and of every blessing,
We thank you today, and every day of our lives,
For all that you give us!

Our thanksgiving is not only a duty,
But a joy and a source of strength,
Because it reminds us of your faithful love,
And inspires us with the hope of a future filled with blessings!

Lord, we thank you for guiding our fathers,
Who, inspired by the prophets
And by the saving work of your Son,
Founded a nation where all might live as one,
Acknowledging their dependence on you
As the source of their right to life.

We thank you for your blessings in the past,
And for all that, with your help, we must yet achieve.

We ask you to bless us as we thank you,
That our giving thanks may be accompanied by our firm resolve
To proclaim, celebrate, and serve
The gift of human life, born and unborn.

We pray through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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June 4, 2013 Dear Friends, I need your help today to restore some measure of dignity to the babies Kermit Gosnell aborted! As you know, this abortionist has been convicted of murder for killing babies born alive, and for many other charges as well. And as you may also know, I have requested of the Medical Examiner in Philadelphia to be able to bury the bodies of these babies -- bodies that…

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