Update #10 ·

Thanks for speaking up with us to demand that ESPN #DropTheSlur

A big 'thank you!' to everyone who joined our twitterstorm during the Monday Night Football game to challenge ESPN on their use of this harmful slur.

Check out the #DropTheSlur thread on Twitter to see all the tweets and retweets.

We had dozens upon dozens of tweets go out during the game.
Here's where the tweets were aimed:

  • #MNF (anyone tweeting or viewing tweets with this common Monday Night Football hastag) would see it
  • ESPN's Monday Night Football Commentators and ESPN's "PR guy" @miketirico@mortreport@Thromedamnball@bhofheimer_espn couldn't miss all these tweets.
  • @ESPN and @ESPNNFL handles as well.
Using twitterstorms to participate helps us to lift our campaign into the dialogue around major events. It can truly help to shape the conversation and boost our demand for accountability, as well as to grow our campaign and simply help others to learn more about why our campaign exist. These actions matter. Thank you for being a part of it! More to come.

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