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Priests for Life stand in solidarity with the Philippines
In the light of the recent, tragic typhoon in the Philippines, the international association Priests for Life has called upon all its members around the world to join in daily prayer for the victims, for the survivors -- especially those who have lost family and friends -- and for the healing and protection of the whole nation. Fr. Frank Pavone has recommended to all the priests in Priests for Life to offer a novena of masses for these intentions, and to offer individual masses for specific intentions requested by the faithful.
The following prayer has been composed by Priests for Life to be used on this sad occasion.

Prayer for the Philippines

Almighty God, Creator of the Universe
and God of Providence,
From the dawn of history you have sustained your people
And given them cause to hope in you.
When earth was destroyed in the Flood,
You set the rainbow in the sky
To speak to future generations
Of your fidelity and of your covenant.
When the Holy City Jerusalem
Was destroyed by its enemies,
And your people sent into exile,
You raised up prophets to comfort them
And to point the way to their return.
And when your Son Jesus Christ
Was sent to the cross
And his disciples were immersed in grief
You showed the power of your Hand
To defeat their enemies
And bring about the triumph of life and salvation.
Shine on your people again with the rays of hope and healing.
Bless the nation and the people of the Philippines
In this hour of need.
Receive the souls of those who have died in this tragedy
And comfort the hearts of those who live.
Strengthen the efforts of relief and recovery
And stir your people throughout the world
To come to the aid of those who are in need.
As our hearts are broken with grief,
May they also be broken enough to receive the grace you pour
Upon those who mourn
And who know that their hope and salvation are only in you.
May this hour of pain
Become an hour of glory
In which your people, in the Philippines and throughout the world
Refuse to be cast down by the gloom and despair of suffering,
But rather stand up in the strength of the Faith
And in the light of the Risen Christ
And show to the world that there is One who has conquered death
And who has promised to come again.
May He, the Alpha and the Omega,
The Beginning and the End,
The Resurrection and the Life
Be always the One Savior and Hope and Joy
Of the Filipino people
And of their brothers and sisters of faith around the world,
Until the day we see Him face to face
Where there will be no more tears,
No more crying out or pain,
And no more death,
But only joy and life eternal.
We pray through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.


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