Sharon Jimenez
Sharon Jimenez campaign leader

After the tragic writer's strike Hollywood's woes became very apparent to everyone except the political leadership that should have become outraged at the job outsourcing destroying movie and TV productions and with them the lives of families in the entertainment industry. Divorce, loss of income, loss of self esteem are the high price being paid today by actors, procurers, directors, and behind the scene workers who once enjoyed stability and a middle class livelihood working in California.

With a strong reporting, pr, and public policy background I started the Bring Hollywood Home Foundation to challenge the failed leadership. A veteran of senior leadership in the 2004 and 2008 presidential campaign, a producer of Gerrymandering the movie used to pass independent redistricting, the chief publicist for Hollywood Cityhood that helped lead to the revitalization of Hollywood, and the chief publicist for the Elected LA Charter Reform Commission that created LA's neighborhood councils my resume met the qualifications to lead a successful fight to Bring Hollywood Home.

In the past four years I've carefully advanced the cause! raised visibility, affected the LA mayor's race and accomplished a board of directors and advisory board of immense diversity and talent.

The tide is turning as more groups become vocal and Californians begin to understand they've been robbed of their futures as we've lost something that should be a birthright to our children ie; the entertainment industry. Movies, TV, music, and commercial production are all on life support.

And, we are ready for you to take your place in this leadership because Bring Hollywood Home must have more champions if we are to win this seemingly lost fight for production and post production jobs in the once movie capital of the world.

Sign up today on our website. Donate anything you can and let's get this job done.


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