Update #61 ·

Bring Hollywood Home Foundation planning a new concert fundraiser for early 2014

One of Bring Hollywood Home's most valuable players is Jerry Heller the iconic music manager who first brought Elton John to America to perform in Los Angeles.  Now the author of the powerful tell all book on LA's music industry "Ruthless" Heller is proving to be as riveting a writer as he is a music business manager.  For many months now Heller has been working with us at Bring Hollywood Home to find the right venue and the biggest acts to raise awareness of runaway production and to build the foundation's ability to lobby in Sacramento next year for tax credit incentives to support independent productions.  Please join us at www.bringhollywoodhome.org make a donation of any size and sign up to be involved.  This is California's only grassroots leadership in the two and half decades of job outsourcing called runaway production.  Sharon Hardee Jimenez founder president California 502 c4. donations are not tax deductible as we are a lobby with the leadership ability to bring jobs in production and post production back to California. 

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