Update #1 ·

19 signatures to go to reach our goal!

Thank you for supporting our global condolence letter to the people of Peshawar, Pakistan and Nairobi, Kenya who suffered in the separate attacks over the weekend of the International Day of Peace. We have reached 231 signatures thanks to your support! Help us reach our goal of 250 by sharing with your friends.

Recently we received an inspiring report from Father James Channan in Pakistan about a courageous humanitarian visit his staff made to the families that suffered and lost loved ones or were injured during these terrible attacks. He writes, "They went from home to home… and offered financial help to these most deserving people. Among these 45 injured there were 27 little girls and women and 18 small boys and men. Most of them are recovering well but some of them, unfortunately, will take 6 months to 1 year to fully recover...”

Now is your chance to let these people know that we, members of the global interfaith community, are standing in solidarity with them.

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