DH Gate REMOVES product!

Thanks to all the hard work of activists and people who signed this campaign! DH Gate has removed this product!!

I started this campaign after a parent contacted Cork Feminista (a feminist collective that I coordinate). The parent was distraught after coming across a list of sexdolls online while shopping for their children's Christmas presents. I wrote this article about the shocking issue. 

A Facebook group called Dining for Dignity picked up the story and asked their members to sign the petition as well. 

Together, we were able to get a victory towards ensuring that child-like sex dolls DO NOT become a normalised part of the sex industry. 

As an activist, a mother and a feminist this is a critically important issue to me. Let's not forget these dolls are still being sold. I would recommend that if you come across one contact 'Social Media Blitz to remove child sex doll!' on Facebook. 

Thank you, 

Liz Madden, Co-Organiser at Cork Feminista

Campaign won!


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