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Share A Smile, We'll Share A Meal Limitless Good Asks People To Give Something That Never Runs Out

We can all give a smile. It started with that simple idea. Limitless Good is a new company that looks to celebrate, share and reward all the social good that is happening all around us. #GivingTuesday is such an incredible idea, we knew we wanted to be part of the movement this year. The question was, how could a small company have a big impact in the world of giving. Who doesn't love the idea of donating and helping charities? The reason why every single person does not take part in #GivingTuesday is not from lack of desire, it's because they may lack the means to help. We wanted to figure out a way to get more people involved in #GivingTuesday, even if they lacked money or time to donate. What is something that everyone has an endless supply to give, and makes who ever receives it feel better? Yep, a smile! Smiles cost nothing and make both the person making the smile and seeing the smile feel great. When people feel good, they do good and people are more likely to give when they are feeling good. Think about it, when is the last time you met someone who was angry, upset, frowning and writing checks to charity? This year we are so proud to announce our campaign for #GivingTuesday - Share A Smile, We'll Share A Meal. Smile at someone - your friend, your neighbor, a stranger, your enemy, a traffic agent, your goldfish… anyone! Simply smile from ear to ear on #GivingTuesday. Post a photo of your smile to our Facebook Smile Wall and we give $1 to Feeding America. Feeding America is an incredible nonprofit that is making a huge difference with the issue of food insecurity in America. 1 in 6 Americans wonder where their next meal will come from. The good news is, this is absolutely a solvable problem. In fact, Feeding America can take a $1 donation and turn it into 9 meals for people in need. You share your smile, we donate, 9 people get meals. To make our Share a Smile campaign even more fun, partners have donated terrific toys and gadgets that we will be randomly giving away on #GivingTuesday. Finally, to make sure that smiles last well beyond 12/3, we are awarding $10 Gift Cards to Limitless Good for every single person that shares a smile. In addition to donating meals, we are excited to see a virtual wall of smiling faces on #GivingTuesday. Anyone who looks at the smiles will smile and feel good. When people feel good they give. Maybe all it really takes is a smile :)

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