Update #8 ·

Two Great Things Happened Last Week!

Thank you! Your signature has made a difference and thousands are joining us in the important call to Stop "Re-homing"!  And by thousands, we mean a doubling of support from 9,000 signatures on Wednesday to over 18,000 today!   Together, we are rallying to stop the private transfers of child custody to unapproved and un-vetted strangers. Together, we are going to ensure that children are protected and parents have support.   
Congress is rallying too. The other week they joined our call for action and last week, convened by Representative Jim Langevin (D-RI), they held a briefing to get the issue on the agenda and on the record. In private conversations after the event, Hill staff expressed confidence that a GAO study would be requested and possibly other actions taken. A GAO study would be a great step in better understanding the occurrence and extent of re-homing. The official review would also add pressure for intervention.  

Next for us is to continue growing support. We still need the Administration to start organizing and for federal lawmakers to take meaningful action to protect children and support families. Stay tuned for additional field actions to this end. In the meantime, the more people demanding an end to "re-homing", the sooner and surer our elected representatives will act. Keep up the momentum and share the petition with a personal message about why you care or an update about the latest developments.
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