Update #44 ·

We the parents came from Kentucky to personally hand deliver the 22,000 signatures to the Capitol Building to Governor of California Jerry Brown. His assistant confirmed it was being processed.

Officially at the state capitol office to deliver a 22,000 signature petition and a letter of plea for our son erin false charges that said he snatched a purse and they gave him a 10 year gun enhancement charge. No weapon was ever produced ...the intially 911 tape stated the purse snatchers were 6ft plus over 200lbs two hispanics. This crime supposed to happened when my son was 16 5'2 and about 115 lbs. Convicted at 20 years old and still did not fit the decription not even the right color. THe judge ,jury,and the whole court room heard this and they just kept going like they were just going to make it him. This is severe injustice and a crime committed by the judical system. The real criminals all this for prison profit.

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