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Staten Island turkeys need support more than ever.  Lets get to 10,000 signatures and beyond by inviting friends to sign the petition.  I have been interviewed by the press lately but not all press coverage has been pro turkey and you all know what that means.  I  spend my afternoon out in the cold giving an interview about Staten Island turkeys to 2 students from Columbia journalism school this afternoon. They seemed surprised that the turkeys are beautiful and harmless- not the scary creatures they are sometimes portrayed to be in the media. I also showed them the lack of no turkey feeding signs and we also examined the unsanitary conditions left by PEOPLE- Not turkeys. We saw much human trash but nearly no turkey droppings. People can justify all they want but there is nothing that makes killing our turkeys right. I know I will be very sad when they are gone.  Maybe with enough support that won't happen..  


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There was no transparency or public discussion about the killing of our turkeys either because the powers that be know is wrong and know that the public would object.  These turkeys are companions to many, attract tourists and even have helped people meet & bond with one another.  I have so many happy memories of our turkeys.  They were a real comfort & joy.  Also a learning…

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