Update #3 ·

We need your voices! Listen to the Nestle CEO and decide!


Thank you for adding your voice to this important cause.  Nestle thinks water should have a market price, and for decades they have been bottling water and selling it back to the people of British Columbia, Canada. Nestle thinks only individuals should have to pay a "fair" price for water, since the company doesn't pay a single cent for the water it bottles.  Watch the Head of Nestle Group tell us what the company really believes Our voices are being heard: the BC government has recently announced new rules to regulate groundwater in the province and force Nestle and others to pay up!
However, the new regulations may not be as strong as we would like. The BC government is still accepting public comments - and they need to hear from the public to urge strict regulations and fees for big corporations.  Please share this petition and encourage your networks to add their voice!


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