Update #8 ·

Are you ready for some racism on Monday Night Football?

Friends,Thank you so much for joining our fantastic Twitterstorm last Sunday! Check out some of the fantastic tweets that went out during last Sunday's NFL game between Washington and Philadelphia. Great job, thanks for tweeting with us!

Next up: Our second Twitterstorm is happening this coming Monday, 11-25. Are you ready for some racism? On Monday Night Football the Washington R-dsk-ns will be playing and that means we will be tweeting using specific hashtags to make sure ESPN and others can't ignore our demands to #DropTheSlur. 

We are at 2,500 signatures, but let's reach 5,000 on Monday!

We'll send you an update Monday just before game time with all the links and hashtags you'll need to join the uproar.In the meantime, invite your friends to sign the petition!

Thank you for standing with us.

First Peoples Worldwide

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