Update #3 ·

Large Revisions but Key Purpose Remains the Same

After spending many hours researching the plethora of questionable evidence surrounding the controversy of this issue, I have revised the description of this cause to further accuracy by omitting statements that can't be confirmed and demonstrating how this issue has been manipulated by all sides. Note the purpose of this petition has NOT CHANGED; we do need to toughen regulations on fur procurement and animal welfare, and ban these horrible fur farms. We merely must keep a vigil on sensationalism and misguided attempts to distort the issue, as they do more harm than good. The links I have provided are not irrefutable - many are anecdotal - but this further shows how blurry the information is from either side. 

Thank you and please keep sharing! I've changed the end date to allow for more awareness to be raised, and for even more evidence to show itself. 


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