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Ethiopians Protested at Saudi Embassy Los Angeles

In busy street of Los Angles there is an marked building, almost no one in Los Angeles know about his building. It is just looks another regular building with an ugly looking building most neighbors thought it is a warehouse or some king of low end apartment building. But, it was a hidden Saudi Arabian embassy where the elite human right abusers live. On Wed. Nov. 20, 2013 the two bus load of Ethiopians from San Diego left from San Diego at 8:45 AM. We were quite but eager to tell the Saudis to expose their dirty laundry to the world. We arrived around 11:30 AM. The street was quite. Only few were there but after few minutes it was a traffic stopping demonstration. It was great. Most Los Angles residences had no clue what was going on in the Saudi. We teach and reach them. But in the capital of entertainment industry, i.e, Los Angeles only one unknown TV camera showed up. Shame, shame on the media. The struggle just started.. please join and share. Teach and reach others.At this time we are the only outlet for our people. Help us GOD!


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