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50 HEROES!!!!

We now have 50 people on board to help fight child exploitation on Facebook and beyond! Thank you so much for your support! GO TEAM!!!!

Campaign closed

As Americans, we often believe that tragedies that happen around the world can't happen to us. They're happening to us. Every day, right in our own back yards. Men, women and children as young as 18 months old are being abused - even bought, sold and shared across Facebook and other social media platforms. If more of us know what's happening, then more of us can unite to stop it.

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Every day, predators are using Facebook as a way to share and distribute pictures and videos of children being abused. Thousands of graphic images of child exploitation, rape and abuse flood the social utility, which are only removed after inefficient processes and public outcry. These children have no voices. They have no power to stop their own suffering. But we can.  Together, we can…

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