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Part II:

The relief was instantaneous and immediately switched to letting him talk and asking short questions to let him talk the most.

Here is a summary of our conversation, which will always go down in my mind as a description of who my dad is as a person and a leader:

He and Mylene (my step-mom) had started a refugee camp out of their house and the office where they lived and worked. NBC had set up shop in the office and my parents were handing out food and clothes to everyone they met. My dad had banded together 70 or more people made up of families, employees, and international correspondents to guard the office from looters and to help out those in need. To watch NBC news every night because all the footage is from my dad’s car. That my dad was going to stay in Tacloban to run the relief center and that the rest of the family would go somewhere safe to wait to return.

That my four little siblings, my step-mom, and my dad were all okay.

The next day as different people were evacuated out of Tacloban, they started posting photos on Facebook of the devastation and what they had seen. One certain employee/friend of my dad’s, to whom I will forever be grateful to even though I don’t know him, took a photo of my dad and my step-mom smiling from the balcony of the office where they are running the refugee camp. The surge of love that I felt for them was only overcome by the happiness I felt by seeing them smiling and hugging each other. That was the turning point in my head. I said, they are okay and safe, my dad’s voice and face had purpose in it, and from here on out it’s time to help.

My dad’s name is Troy Peden, the founder of and the GoAbroad Foundation and he is running the relief center out of the GoAbroad office. Every couple of days, him and other volunteers make 10 hour trips to other islands in order to evacuate people and bring back food, supplies, and medicine. So please, if you know my dad or you don’t, it doesn’t matter, donate whatever you can, because my own father will see that it goes to the right places around the city and island. He is going to stay in Tacloban indefinitely, and is working tirelessly to bring help to everyone he comes in touch with. He is there without electricity, without any signal, and on dwindling food and supplies.


This is my dad, and any money you can give goes directly to the thousands upon thousands of people that he and others are helping.

I hope this helps you realize how personal this is to me. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for any donation you can give, and I can personally guarantee that it will make an incredible difference upon the thousands of thousands who were affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

With all the love in my heart,
Thank you

- Noah

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