Meced Police Dept. changes 25 year policy on taking animals to shooting range to be put down!

The Merced Police Department no longer will take “severely injured” animals to the department’s shooting range to be put to death by gunfire, said Lt. Bimley West during a news conference Tuesday.

The policy, which West estimated had been in place for more than 25 years, allowed officers to take injured animals to the range on Gove Road to be put down.

The Merced Police Department’s policy was scrutinized after a dog-shooting incident in June was reported by the Sun-Star. Merced resident Payton Sanchez’s pit bull was shot by an officer in the 2600 block of Mira Court. The police officer claimed it had charged at him.

Unable to afford medical care, the family brought the dog back to the police station. A second officer took the injured dog to the shooting range and fatally shot it according to police policy, reports confirmed.

West said Tuesday that the change in policy was prompted by community outcry...

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