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Gardens of Hope

“No matter where in the world you are, people are realizing food is important. They are realizing food begins with seed, and everyone wants to learn. When I see those processes get unleashed, when I see how rapidly gardening has become such an important way of healing violence—I just met a young man who’s working with ex-convicts to spread gardens. That’s his work! He’s created a firm, and they are the owners, and the board members—how can you not be charged with energy?”

–Vandana Shiva

When the last vote was finally counted, we lost, by just two percentage points, the latest battle to label GMOs in Washington State. Another narrow, disheartening loss. Another temptation to give up.

But in a recent YES! Magazine interview, one of the movement’s most inspiring voices, Vandana Shiva, reminded us that we are making progress.

And we must not give up the fight.

As Shiva so eloquently puts it, every expression of monoculture is an expression of coercion.  Every farm that grows only Roundup Ready soy is a battlefield. And the concentration of power—in the hands of companies like Monsanto—is more than ever.

But thanks to you, the world’s awareness about the illegitimacy of this power is also more than ever before.

“If you take into account the number of movements, the number of protests taking place, and the number of people building alternatives, it’s huge,” says Shiva.

So rather than despair, it’s time to plan the next protest. Build the next alternative. Plant the next garden of hope.

Thank you for getting us this far. Together, we will reclaim the power that belongs rightfully to all of us.

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