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How to Boycott Factory Farms

There are plenty of reasons to boycott factory farms, including the top two: your health and animal welfare. But the big-picture reason is this. The only way to feed the world and restore climate stability is to end factory farming.

Today’s food system, dominated by factory farms, is inherently inefficient. We take food and farmland that could be used to feed many people and use it to feed animals that feed fewer people.

It’s estimated that 99 percent of all meat, eggs and dairy products produced today in the U.S. come from factory farms.

That makes it tough—but not impossible—to avoid buying those products.

Buying direct from organic farmers is one option. But even if you shop at a conventional grocery store, you can find alternatives. It may take a little longer, you may have to read a few labels, and true, it may cost a little extra at the checkout counter. But wouldn’t you rather pay a little more for better food? And a lot less for medical care?

The more consumers demand alternatives to products produced on factory farms, where millions of animals are crammed into confined spaces, under unnatural, unhealthy and inhumane conditions, the more producers will respond with healthier alternatives. You can help push the market in the right direction.

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